Peach Cherry and Blackberry Clafoutis

Peach Cherry and Blackberry Clafoutis

Baked desserts are a weekend treat in our household. The usual weeknight dessert/after dinner snack at Bistro Gerard consists of a bowl of fresh fruit. This serves a dual nutritional and entertainment purpose, as it’s prepared quite early in the evening and available for Chef Gerald to play with during those terrible moments when Mummy […]

Zucchini Bread

This recipe was created during one of Mummy’s fridge and pantry clean out sessions. Chef Gerald never likes the sight of a half-empty fridge, but he has come to accept the fact that we have to make room for fresh groceries on a weekly basis. The ingredient list here is rather long, however the cake […]

Blueberry Galette

After a long wait, blueberry season is finally here! The three of us are totally smitten with these little purple gems – most frequently, we simply enjoy them in their natural state with our morning muesli. Like all berries though, they are extremely versatile and perform equally well in fancy desserts or in rustic tarts […]

Peach and Raspberry Tart

I have only recently found out what Mummy and Daddy are up to when they sneak out at dinner time on Saturday nights. They go to these places, often called restaurants or other similar names, to… have dinner. And, while this poor baby birdie stays home to feast on birdie food and raw broccoli and […]

White Chocolate Rocky Road

Humans have fun with all sorts of naughty things, don’t they? Take that brown stuff called chocolate, for instance – they’re all crazy about it, and I’ve seen soooo many pictures of yummy chocolate cakes. But when you’re a parrot, you’re not allowed to have any – sigh….. And Mummy makes sure I never have […]

Macadamia Coconut and Lime Biscotti

It’s hard to grasp the concept of Christmas in summer until you’ve been to the Southern Hemisphere. And even then it might still take a good few years before you have grasped the enormity of the concept. Nah, having a Christmas picnic on the beach can’t possibly be that hard to get used to, you […]

Sour Cream Apple and Lemon Pudding

It would probably sound too pretentious if we said this cake was born out of necessity but, to a certain extent, it’s true. I think I’ve mentioned before that Mummy has got a compulsive habit of reading the use by date on all goods in our fridge, so everything must be used within a reasonable […]