Breakfast Bruschetta with Mango and Raspberries

Happy New Year! We haven’t got any great pearls of wisdom to share with you in our first post for the year but, wherever you are and no matter how grand or sensible your resolutions, we wish you a happy and smooth journey through 2012. And Jerry’s special wish for all of you is that your year is filled with lots of yummy treats, tonnes of fun in the kitchen and plenty of good times sharing the above with other wonderful like-minded people (and birdies).

It was hard to come up with a proper name for our first breakfast treat this year – and having stayed up late the night before certainly didn’t boost Mummy’s semantic creativity,    but we eventually settled on bruschetta. There is only a very loose association between our fruity version and the original antipasto piece, justified in my mind, at least, by the inclusion of lightly grilled/toasted bread topped with diced fresh produce.

Names aside though, this was a seriously yummy breakfast, bursting with flavour and very quick and easy to put together. Many flavour combinations are possible, so feel free to use any of your favourite fresh fruits and even add some spices to liven things up even more. Perfectly ripe, fresh fruit is a must here though, so try to use whatever looks and smells most appealing at your local produce market. It’s also a good idea to use some day-old, robust, country style bread for this dish.

Breakfast Bruschetta with Mango and Raspberries

4 thick slices white or wholemeal country style bread

200 g cottage cheese or ricotta

2-3 tbsp mascarpone

1 large mango, diced

150 g fresh raspberries

Fresh mint leaves to garnish (optional)

Mix the cottage cheese/ricotta and mascarpone in a bowl, then add in the diced mango and raspberries. Some fruit pieces will get crushed in the process, but this will only enhance the flavour and add to the rustic appeal 🙂 Set aside.

Lightly grill or toast the bread, then arrange on plates and top with the cheese and fruit mixture and garnish with mint, if using. Enjoy.


5 comments on “Breakfast Bruschetta with Mango and Raspberries

  1. what a great healthy start to 2012! and Jerry the parrot is soooo cute! 🙂 here’s to lots of yummy healthy eating in 2012!

  2. Happy New Year. That really does look like an incredible breakfast and I love your photography and your bird 😀

  3. Breakfast bruschetta is such a great idea!

  4. Yummy breakfast!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. This looks awesome, will definitely be trying it out sometime!

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