Noodle Salad

Back in the days when Jerry was only a little chick, I was busy reading all sorts of expert advice on parrot nutrition. This is quite a tricky issue, because what your parrot eats is as important as the way he goes about obtaining his food. As parrots are very intelligent and social creatures, it […]

Breakfast Bruschetta with Mango and Raspberries

Happy New Year! We haven’t got any great pearls of wisdom to share with you in our first post for the year but, wherever you are and no matter how grand or sensible your resolutions, we wish you a happy and smooth journey through 2012. And Jerry’s special wish for all of you is that […]

Lemon Tart

Well, hello again! And to those of you have have kept visiting and reading our blog, thank you so much. We have missed you lots, and are very happy to be back here 🙂 To tell you the truth, I have also missed my Mummy’s cakes over the past few months. You see, when Mummy […]

Peach Cherry and Blackberry Clafoutis

Baked desserts are a weekend treat in our household. The usual weeknight dessert/after dinner snack at Bistro Gerard consists of a bowl of fresh fruit. This serves a dual nutritional and entertainment purpose, as it’s prepared quite early in the evening and available for Chef Gerald to play with during those terrible moments when Mummy […]

In Season

Green Bean and Zucchini Slice

A few years ago, roughly about the same time when I became an avid cookbook and cooking magazine reader, I wouldn’t even contemplate going grocery shopping without a carefully planned menu for the week ahead and a detailed shopping list. The problem I would often encounter back then was that the occasional key ingredient missing […]


Broad Bean and Pea Soup

Can you believe that Christmas has been and gone? Already? We hope that yours was wonderful and that you are still enjoying the festive season. Ours was a mix of quiet and busy times, hectic last minute baking, sunshine and storms, and lots of yummy summer fruits and vegetables – some of our favourite produce […]