Onion White Anchovy and Tapenade Pizza and Thank You to All Our FoodBuzz Friends

I’m usually too busy bossing my Mummy and Daddy around to have time to express gratitude. After all, there is so much that I can complain about – the fridge door is never kept open long enough for me have a thorough inspection, there are never enough chillies or kiwifruit in this house to satisfy […]

Tiella Pugliese (Italian Rice Potatoes and Mussels Casserole)

Thank goodness for the world wide web, that wonderful treasure trove of regional recipes we may have never heard of otherwise! If you’re like us and cannot afford to spend as much time roaming the world in search of wonderful gems of home cooking prowess as you’d like to – or if you happen to have […]

Kamut Spaghetti With Asparagus Cavolo Nero and Pine Nuts

We’ve enjoyed some mild weather recently, which has also translated into a welcome change to lighter menus in the Bistro kitchen. After a really long winter this year, we’ve been more than happy to give up on stews that have simmered for ages, and make way for dishes that are part way between a cooked […]

New Potato Pumpkin and Baby Spinach Salad with Lemon and Herb Dressing

One thing we love about our weekly CSA box is that it helps with creativity in the kitchen. Chef Gerald has no problem with this concept whatsoever, because his food preferences change on a weekly basis, sometimes even more frequently. Mummy, on the other hand, must admit to having terrible visions of staring blankly at […]

Leek Zucchini and Cherry Tomato Quiche

“Where’s Mummy, Daddy, where’s Mummy? She’s run away with my quiche before I had a chance to sample it! What a naughty Mummy!!! And I’ve had an eye on that quiche for a couple of hours now, waiting patiently for it to cool….Where’s my quiche?” Finally, I get to have a taste! Human parents don’t […]

Welcome to Spring – Veggie Box Frittata

I love having a big splash! I think you humans call this activity having a shower, but that doesn’t look anywhere near as much fun as my big splash… After all, you don’t really get to splash around much at all, and the sign of a fun shower is when half the bathroom is dripping […]

Corn Muffins, Chilli Bean and Vegetable Soup, and Kitchen Monster Revealed

Mummy and Chef Gerald have been going through a baking frenzy lately, no doubt fuelled by the presence of Kitchen Monster, who makes it so much easier to get everything ready in a flash. We’ve mentioned our Kitchen Monster several times in our previous few posts, however we have so far abstained from making any […]